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Ikarus 260 KZNS PACK Poland v0.85 mini Update

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Well, she came the long-awaited model, very dear to the Poles. I spread in honor of his birthday. I hope you enjoy.Instruction is in the "Read ME", be sure to read it.

Model: VL67, IkarusSTR
Script: M-R, CCV-520, Wizard, Jonpol
Convert: IkarusSTR
Sound: DarkWolf, Ikarus V134, CCV-520, Laci BAS-953, IkarusSTR
Script changes: SerOom
Texture wheels, lighting: Routeres, IkarusSTR
All rights to the 3D model belong to VL67 and IkarusSTR
I express many thanks: kolik212, CCV-520, Jonpol, Routeres and all the people who supported me.
Our team: RVTeam

Attention! Never putting some on other sites without attribution and a link to this topic!

The updated model Ikarus KZNS:
C60 comes to the sound of fashion BKV
Fixed script request stops
new textures dashboard.
Copyrighted © 2013 VL67

P.S: Обновлены текстуры приборной панели, доработан скрипт требования остановок, звуки BKV для C60.


В OMSI 2 пойдет мод?


Mihail написал(а):

В OMSI 2 пойдет мод?


Вы здесь » » Автобусы » Ikarus 260 KZNS PACK Poland v0.85 mini Update