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Tedom C12G 0.8.1 Beta

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Tedom is a Czech company which was established in 1991 in Trebic. It produces buses since 2004. Their first bus was built under the licence of Mauri Kronos, which is an Italian low floor bus. Their first CNG powered bus was introduced at the Brno motor show.
The prototype of C12 series was built in 2007. Buses from the C12 series can be equipped with diesel (C12D) and CNG (C12G) engines. They have a 6 speed ZF automatic gearbox and VDO dashboard.
Author: 487376

The model is nice, sounds are good and it has some interesting features like BUSE displays, emergency door opening and onboard passenger information system. However performance-wise it has serious problems. The author used insanely high resolution textures which cause random fps drops and freezing. But after I reduced the resolution of the textures, everything worked fine. I'm looking forward the final release. Give it a try. :)
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В нем очень "тяжелые" текстуры, из-за чего игра очень тормозит. Рекомендую уменьшить их размер в любом графическом редакторе на 50%. Больше не стоит, т.к., в этом случае, текстуры будут размытыми.
Сам автобус отличный.

Вы здесь » » Автобусы » Tedom C12G 0.8.1 Beta